12 September The re-enactment, the exhibition and the concert

Two intense days for the highlight of the Avalanche Day events project created with the support of the MIC National Fund of Historical Reenactment, of the Campania Region with the L.R. n. 7/2003, contributions for the cultural promotion of the year 2021 and of the Municipal Administration of Battipaglia

The exhibition

We were hosted in three rooms of the Riviera Spineta Hotel, right next to the beach where the re-enactment takes place annually, in which rooms it was possible to organize a rich exhibition of finds in collaboration with the association and Avalanche 1943.

10 showcases with about a hundred exhibits have been prepared, brought by the Avalanche 1943 association or acquired over the years by our association.

An exhibition of 30 large photos of the many places of the Battle was then prepared.

Finally, a photographic exhibition was set up dedicated to the late photographer Ugo Pesce who had followed and told, with his photographs, the first editions of the commemoration. Ugo Pesce’s wife was invited and a souvenir of the event was given.

Re-enactment 12 September

Also this year the annual event was held in Spineta, on the beach that was the scene of the landing of the largest contingent of General Clark’s Army Corps.

It is the Roger sector, more specifically the Green Beach, where the soldiers of the Commonwealth with Battipaglia target, the largest city in the Piana del Sele, the Montecorvino airport and the other inland towns took land. .

The show was not lacking with various Re-enactment associations who rushed to “actively” simulate the clashes, this year assisted by vintage military vehicles brought to Battipaglia. All the associations of reenactors have undertaken to sign a code of conduct

For years, the association’s goal has been to build a place of remembrance to witness this event and this year a special work by the artist Alfonso Mangone was discovered, added to the memorial stone where in recent years the association, together with the Municipality of Battipaglia, they had already prepared a plaque A six-meter wide panel depicting the beauties of Italy seen through the eyes of an English soldier landed in Battipaglia, the work “the journey of the Norman soldier” is inspired by the narration of the English writer Norman Lewis in Naples 44.

Lewis, a soldier who landed in Salerno finds himself faced with amazement in admiring the Temples of Paestum and the beauties of Italy.

During the event, white roses were then thrown into the sea, in memory of the fallen of 1943, a ceremony called “White Roses” which became a classic of the event starting from 2018 when the students of the Diderot school took part in Battipaglia. Normandy.

US Naval Band concert

The evening ended with a concert by the official NATO band, the Allied Forces Band represented by the U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa. The band intervened with two formations that have movement in the evening by also making everyone present dance. Starting a brass quintet and finishing the performance, the pop group consumes series of overseas evergreens.

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