9th september 2017, starts the Art and History collection at the De Amicis school

On September 9, the permanent exhibition of a collection created for the occasion will be inaugurated: 24 artists have created works inspired by the Avalanche operation and have donated them to the public leaving a signal that we hope willl help to create a collection of art and of history that represents Battipaglia.

These artists are sincere thanks to the association and to all those who appreciate this initiative:

Ross Carpentieri

Gisella Landi

Pasquale Petrucci

Giovanna Annunziato Conti

Francesca Maria D’Auria

Nera D’Auto

Ileana Picariello

Fabio Luzzi

Rudy Zoppi

Annalisa Mandarino

Luigi Longobardi

Emanuela Spatola

Cinzia Mastropaolo

Mauro Marra

Grazie Toriello

Michele Sanseviero

Vincenzo Carucci

Enzo Bomba

Pasquale Palese

Paola Rago

Gabriella Granito

Lucia Barba

Maria Rosaria Botta

The alumni of Scuola Media Secondaria of Istituto Comprensivo Alfonso Gatto  with prof. Antonio Di Muro

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