Internships, Workshops and Internships for young people

  • Tutorship: January – December
  • Artistic internships: July and September
  • Workshop: digital emergence November 20, 2021

As we have repeatedly had the opportunity to tell, the main objective of the project is the involvement of young people in a multidisciplinary, cultural, technological, historical but also artistic path. In particular, the “9 September” Study Center was involved, through which we identified target children and prepared specific projects for them.

This year we activated the agreement signed last year with the University of Salerno and, through the memorandum of understanding with the Municipality of Battipaglia, with the University of Naples. 14 girls and boys collaborated with us this year: Francesca Gallotta, Rosaria Barlotti, Alessandra Bottiglieri, Ilaria D’ambrosio, Alfredo Marino, Marco Vitale, Naomi son, Maria Vittoria Turi, Alessia Sessa, Alessia Califano, Miriana Coluccino, Martina Merola, Maria Tagliento, Martina Giordano.

We tried to transmit knowledge and knowledge to them, involving the students in cultural and operational projects: research at the Salerno State Archives, participation in Salerno Day, the Eighthy Army exhibition, the multilingual versions of the Mubat and Avalanche Day sites, the web and social cultural communication the English version of the exhibition “Translated to the extreme borders” in collaboration with the CDEC of Milan. A small mention of the project on the reorganization project of the familiar images of the city of Campagna published on Facebook. The chronological memory of social media determines a rapid obsolescence of older posts and prevents them from being reorganized on different bases. Alessandra Bottiglieri’s project on the description of photos, using a cataloging platform, represents, in our opinion, an extremely interesting initiative for the recovery of digital emergence consisting of the publication of images by users. Emergence that risks remaining temporary following the succession of publications.

Given the high number of trainees, this year the workshop was reserved for them, with the themes of archival description, historical ordering, the importance of sources and the subsequent enhancement phase: publication on sites, through exhibitions or on social.

The Memoria project! with the schools he experienced a phase dedicated above all to European planning with various institutes, this in order not to weigh with an ongoing project in the already difficult management of the DAD long used by the institutes.

At the same time, we carried out internships, in July and September, to support the artistic training of more than a hundred boys and girls to increase their ability to participate in History Telling shows.

The communicative method of History Telling allows us to target young audiences by involving them in creative projects based on historical narration. Art personalities (including international ones) such as Annamaria Prina, Charles Jude and Leon Cino participated.

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