Mubat and the Municipality of Battipaglia in the Provincial Committee for Avalanche Celebrations

During 2018 a spontaneous committee was set up, the Provincial Committee for the Celebrations of the 75th year of Salerno Day – Operation Avalanche on the initiative of the journalist Eduardo Scotti. On 5 September there was the presentation press conference at the Municipality of Salerno in which the commissioner Rosaria Caracciuolo presented the events of Battipaglia with the mayors of Eboli and Salerno, Eduardo Scotti and the historian Ugo Pesce, maximum competence on the study of Operation Avalanche. The project had a huge response in the press and Mubat and the Municipality of Battipaglia joined and contributed, as did numerous municipalities and institutions. Its focus matches 100% with the initiative of our project or the coordination of all initiatives in the area to rely on the scale factor and promote a common brand as a cultural and tourist attraction.

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