The exhibition at the De Amicis school exhibition center

As part of the first phase, that is, as the training activity in schools, mubat oversaw the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Battipaglia as a Municipality, on 29 March last. The event is closely linked to the war as Battipaglia belongs to that nucleus of cities that under the regime were elevated to a municipality in the context of the birth of the regime’s agricultural colonies in support of the autarchic dream.

In the photos that follow the confirmation of the interest aroused in the children, the works were exhibited at the De Amicis school, now an exhibition center in the city of Battipaglia and a place dedicated to hosting cultural events for the city.

In addition to the works of the artists exhibited, objects and documents of the time were presented, and the young people actively participated in the collection of these materials as part of the related project “A Memoria!”. Mubat has also prepared a video installation in which the artists’ works were contextualized in the events of the war period of the Second World War.

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