The “Mubat and the Celebrations of Operation Avalanche” project, the memory of the past and the present

The project aims to undertake a path to re-evaluate the city’s history through the conservation of memory, the emergence of collective knowledge and the promotion of its diffusion starting from reaffirming the central role that Battipaglia had, despite himself, in the days of Operation “Avalanche” and from here to re-explore the history of the city, in all its evolution, from its foundation to today.

The purposes are, on the one hand, purely cultural, on the other, to promote the area on the tourism market attentive to local traditions and historical and cultural heritage. Insert Battipaglia and the Piana del Sele in a cultural tourism circuit.

The idea of ​​the project derives from the desire of the authors of the documentary “Return to Battipaglia”, Carlo Bruno and Guglielmo Francese (, to follow up on that experience and to enhance the study and collection of the necessary sources to the writing of the screenplay. At the same time, the Mubat project has the ambition to trigger a virtuous cycle so that study and memory become a continuous and not episodic process. The organization of a certainly ambitious project was made possible only by the good will of those who joined the project from the beginning, a positive collaboration between public and private, in particular: Municipal Administration of Battipaglia, Cultural Association Mubat, Confcommercio, Regesta .exe, Pro Loco Battipaglia, Associazione Tammorrasia, Istituto Gatto, Istituto Ferrari, Albergo Riviera Spineta, community artists coordinated by Maria Rosaria Botta

Events aimed at celebrating the Allied landing during 2017 will be organized immediately, but at the same time the conditions will be created to repeat these celebrations in the next few years, as a dutiful tribute to history and at the same time as an instrument for promoting the area.

The experience of events will therefore not be an end in itself but aimed at encouraging a broader rediscovery of the city’s history and the affirmation of the sense of belonging that has contributed to the construction of its DNA and the reasons for its development over the last 150 years. The initiative is also part of a broader project aimed at enhancing the most intimate heritage of local Italian traditions, seen from the perspective of what they represent in the international context.

This is not a project aimed at a mere, albeit important, historical reconstruction of events already recounted at other times but intends to start from this to build a permanent process of enhancing the reputation of the territory and of the company that insists on this, in particular demonstrating the propensity of this to technological innovation and at the same time to the enhancement of the skills gained over the years.