Joint program with Salerno Day and Eboli

The calendar of activities for the 78th anniversary of the landing in Salerno was presented in the municipality of Salerno. We stubbornly sought, with the organization of Salerno Day, the association Avalanche 1943 3 the MOA, the coordination of the initiatives and we are happy with the result achieved by the various associations and entities, including the municipalities of Salerno, Eboli and Battipaglia which will all be involved in a rich kermesse of events.

We will begin with the collaboration at the show event on 9 September with Eduardo Scotti, where with the Evangelista professor from Cornell University in Ithaca (NY) we will be accompanied by some of the brilliant trainees who are supporting us in the study of local history. On the Palco dei Barbuti they will present their research

The theme of this year’s show is precisely that of young people, too often portrayed as disinterested in history and the past. Mubat will bring to the stage a generation passionate and committed in the field of historical research, represented by Maria Tagliento and Miriana Coluccino, and by the graduate student in contemporary history Veronica Citro.

American historian Matthew Evangelista will recall Allied bombing strategies and their tragic cost in human lives for tens of thousands of civilians.

We are also proud of the recognition received by the Mayor of Naples and those present for Mubat’s activities, always aimed at developing the territory and training young people in the cultural and artistic fields.

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