Masterclass with Andrei Fedotov

The Avalanche Day project reaches its climax with the re-enactment of the Allied landing in September, but it is a path that lasts all year with initiatives that aim at the cultural and artistic growth of the children.

In Battipaglia we invited Andrei Fedotov, an internationally renowned dancer, who began his career at the prestigious Bolscioi in Moscow before being chosen by the great Rudolf Nureyev to dance “Swan Lake”. In 2003 he was awarded “Chevalier a l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by the French Minister of Culture.

Avalanche Day is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to young people, designed to bring them closer to the knowledge of history and its storytelling through different skills, with the aim of maximizing the attention of children by making their involvement pleasant. An innovative approach that aims to enhance the individual predispositions of every single boy and girl.

Among these skills is art and, in this specific case, dance, functional to the construction of History Telling shows such as “160 stars”, created last year. Also this year the educational path is aimed at creating a new event to be held at the beginning of the summer.

The masterclass with Maestro Fedotov is addressed to teachers so that, through them, a new vision, matured in an international context, reaches the students all year round. The intention is to promote an osmosis process, of knowledge and knowledge, which is more lasting because it is achieved through the daily assistance of teachers to their students. Two other sessions of the masterclass will be held on 12 and 13 February and on 12 and 13 March next, this will allow teachers to share a technical and artistic vision that the students will use in the performances that our association is planning. Mubat’s contribution to their cultural and artistic learning path.

The masterclass was designed on the inspiration of Charles Jude choreographer and director of the Bordeaux opera Ballet, of Anna Maria Prina for 32 years director of the ballet school of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and of Clotilde Vayer, current director of the Corps de ballet of the San Carlo. The artistic director Guglielmo Francese “captured” their solicitations and made them concrete in this initiative.

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