Presentation of the Study Center 9 September

The “September 9” Study Center was created in January 2021 by the Mu.Bat Cultural Association, in order to implement research and dissemination activities, involving experts in the historical sector, forging links with national and international universities and centers of study, research centers and other associations.

The aim is to underline, through our activities, the importance of the Italian campaign in the context of the Second World War and the first years of the Cold War, highlighting the short and long-term consequences not only for the country but for the whole Mediterranean area.

We wanted to give a signal of continuity of the activity verse by presenting the initiative in an online event which was attended by Diego Solinas of the Italian consulate in London, the French mayor, the scientific director Cacciatore, the president Bruno and the historians Cindy Brown and Lee Windsor. of the Gregg Institute of the University of New Brunswick in Canada.

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