One of the main activities of our association is the organization of the Avalanche Day and its related events. A detailed project plan was first prepared in 2017, to be submitted for approval to the attention of the Municipal Administration of Battipaglia and to the mayor Ms Cecilia Francese. The organization of the event is based on the collaboration between individuals, companies and associations that first joined the project and formed its initial promoting committee, with the Mu.Bat association in charge of executive organization and coordination.


In recent years the project has been under the patronage of the Campania Region and MIBAC, and in 2019 President Mattarella and the US Consulate General in Naples sent letters of encouragement to the organization.

The cycle of events, taking place throughout the year, includes lessons with experts/guest speakers in schools, workshops, a collaborative archive project, the collection of oral testimonies and the celebration of historical events, such as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, or the commemoration of the Battipaglia bombings (21th June).

Main Events

Avalanche Day 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Avalanche Art Collection

21th June 1943 Bombing Commemoration

“Ninetta” historical musical

Digital Archives in Schools and “Archivio dei Ragazzi” projects

“The House of Rising Memory” Erasmus Plus project

Battipaglia Archive

90th anniversary of the granting of the status of independent municipality to Battipaglia (1929)

50th anniversary of the Battipaglia Riots (April 1969)

“Italiani” exhibition

“La Shoah in Italia” (CDEC Milan) exhibition

“Battipaglia Novecento” exhibition

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2017 edition promoters and partners