The project aims to to re-evaluate the history of the city by preserving historical memory, promoting the emergence of collective memory,  carrying out dissemination activities, and reaffirming the central role that Battipaglia had during the days of Operation “Avalanche”. Operation Avalanche, also known as the Battle of Salerno (or Salerno Landings) was executed on 9 September 1943, and it was the largest aeronautical operation before the Normandy landing, with the majority of the English contingent landing precisely on the beaches of Battipaglia.

From this starting point the Mu.Bat association intends to explore the history of the city and its evolution, from its foundation to present day. The final goal is to build a “house of memory”, the Museum of Battipaglia, by involving and collaborating with citizens.

The aims of the association are not merely cultural, as Mu.Bat is also engaged in the promotion of cultural tourism, enhancing the territorial attractiveness of Battipaglia and the Piana del Sele while paying great attention to local traditions and cultural heritage.

The Project Idea

After collaborating in the writing of a screenplay for the documentary “Ritorno a Battipaglia” (Return to Battipaglia), which was based on careful collection and organization of sources and centered around the history of the city of Battipaglia (originally founded as a “colonia agricola”, agricultural colony, at the end of the 19th century), authors Carlo Bruno and Guglielmo Francese decided to follow up on that experience, enhancing even further the study and collection of materials and documents.

The idea of the project derived from this desire, and it led to additional collaborations with a variety of partners, ranging from the Municipal Administration to local associations, individuals and companies, in particular Confcommercio, regesta.exe, Pro Loco Battipaglia, Associazione Tammorrasia, Istituto Gatto, Istituto Ferrari, Albergo Riviera Spineta, Associazione 36 Infanterie Regiment, the artists community coordinated by Maria Rosaria Botta.

The idea also led to the creation of a digital archive project around the history of Battipaglia. All of the collected materials were meant to be made available from the very beginning; however, thanks to the widespread use of social networks, it was decided to open the archive to new contributes from everyone.

Beyond Battipaglia

The collaboration between individuals was among the founding ideals of the project, which is not to be limited to Battipaglia alone. Operation Avalanche itself is part of the cultural and historical heritage of the entire territory from Maiori to Cilento, and therefore the project aims to expand the size of the already established natural consortium beyond the confines of the city of Battipaglia

The goal is to create a network of local communities involving the whole area near the city, sharing tools and best practices while building a solid reputation and a positive territorial brand related to culture.

The archive is hosted by “The Archives Cloud” by regesta.exe, thanks to xDams Open Source Technology.

more info about Avalanche 2017 can be found here.