160 stars, history telling for the 160 anniversary of Italy proclamation

This year is the 160th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and the Mubat association has built an important event for this anniversary, as part of the annual Avalanche Celebrations project, to which, from 4 years, Mubat has dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of the local history, linked to the most important national and international events.

It’s an original experience of History Telling, an historical narration based on the support of different artistic skills in order to build an experience that fully involves people in the narration.

The event will take place in Riviera Spineta directly on the beach (coastal area – via Spineta 102 – free admission with registration from Lido Spineta) on Saturday 3 July at 8.30 pm.

The show has been written by Carlo Bruno and Guglielmo Francese, quest stars will be the actress Pia Lanciotti ,the actor Sergio Romano, Carmen Di Domenico and Leon Cino, Carmen Picciariello will introduce the show with Francesco Cacciatore, Alessio Bisaccia, Stefania Autuori, Romina Pastorino, Danilo Vaccher, Alfonsina Beatrice, Gianpaolo De Francesco, Michele Alessio, Vincenzo Zoppi, Ivan Cantarella, Fabio Tolomeo, Giacomo D’Auria, Valerio Vitolo, 120 dancers from : Abracadanza, Aventura school dancing, Danzarte, Dimensione danza, El Paso Latino, Essere Danza, Hobby Dance, In punta di piedi., Invito alla danza, La Dance, Motus danza, New Arte in danza, Nonsolodanza, Progetto danza, Spazio danza

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