By heart! history at school

The project was born within the wider initiative “Avalanche 2017 celebrations” but somehow lives a parallel life and beyond this first year of experimentation it is already projected towards a repeat in the coming years. The project intends on the one hand to help children in deepening the story through the analysis of sources, on the other hand to make them participate in the construction of memory.

The design and technical support of the project are by regesta.exe, an Italian company specializing in the digital processing of cultural heritage, through the The Archives Cloud service which allows you to use xDams O.S. digital archives. specialized in the processing of documents, photographs, videos and any other type of material in the field of cultural heritage.

The initiative is aimed at schools and Regesta has made available to the project a very advanced technological architecture and services in the sector. The experimentation started with the schools of Battipaglia will be extended to all the schools that request it.

The project for school pupils is aimed at learning the history of the city of Battipaglia through, mainly, the collection of materials (photographs and objects) belonging to the family history of the children themselves. This collection will serve to trigger the discussion on the relevant episodes of the history not only of the city. The project will be integrated with the projection of documentaries and meetings with people, witnesses of the time who enrich the documentary collection with oral narration.

The initiative for children, focused primarily on the landing of allied troops, will in any case cover the entire history of the city and consequently the national one. In fact, the 150 years of the Unitary State find in the history of Battipaglia a sort of metaphor starting from the birth of the “Comprese”, between the Bourbons and the passage of the Garibaldi soldiers and the Unification of Italy. The birth of the Municipality as an expression of the twenty years, the allied landing and the struggles for the workplace allow to project the city events in the national context

The children are not required to carry out a specific type of project but they are left with the opportunity to devise what will then be the final result. For illustrative purposes only, here is a list of possible achievements:

  • documents, text or images, on particular themes, especially if linked to the history of the territory
  • works (paintings, sculptures or other)
  • virtual exhibitions (with the support of the organization) or photo albums on the stories, places and traditions of the city
  • collections of interviews with grandparents and friends