Young people with Mubat, university internships to promote research and dissemination

At the end of 2019 Mubat signed an agreement with the University of Salerno and a similar agreement was signed by the Municipality of Battipaglia with the University of Naples. Thanks to these two agreements 17, between undergraduates and undergraduates of the two universities, have completed their curricular internship at the “9 settembre” study center in Mubat. We started a few years ago with the “digital emergence” specialized course on Cultural Heritage management and from 2020 we have aimed to give continuity during the year with internships.

This article is therefore our thanks to their contribution: Martina Giordano, Rosaria Barlotti, Francesca Gallotta, Alessandra Bottiglieri, Ilaria D’ambrosio Alfredo Maria Marino, Marco Vitale, Naomi Figliuolo, Maria Vittoria Turi, Alessia Sessa, Miriana Coluccino, Alessia Califano, Alessia Petrucci, Vincenza Cirillo, Maria Tagliento, Martina Merola and Chiara Voccia.

Salerno Day 2021

An experience that we believe to have been of mutual interest: our association was in fact supported in its institutional activity by very prepared and available young people, they were offered the opportunity to discuss issues related to cultural heritage and historical studies but also to the dissemination of the web and new technologies, in particularly stimulating contexts such as Erasmus planning or collaborations such as with the Salerno State Archives and the CDEC.

We would have liked to share all their experiences individually but, as we taught them during the training, reading times on the web are short and the ability to synthesize must prevail. We must therefore observe this rule ourselves: female students and language students collaborated to create the English, French and Spanish version of the site, the English and Spanish version of the site, the English and Spanish versions of the exhibition on the 8h armed ( soon online in the multilingual version), to the English translation of the online version of the CDEC exhibition on the Ferramonti field. Other colleagues of theirs have collaborated in the European planning activity. Students of Literature and Philology were able to participate in the research that allowed the creation of articles and exhibitions already mentioned above but also in research at the Salerno State Archives with insights into the events in the Salerno area relating to political opponents and the CLN . The dissemination activity also included their participation in Salerno Day and the construction of a prototype experience on the recovery of the historical memory of the city of Campagna shared by families on social media.

What we have described to you is one of the most demanding but also most satisfying training courses, as a very mature and collaborative relationship is built with students and students, the result is innovative research that has drawn heavily from the creativity of the boys or activities they have that have given the project international communication skills.

The dissemination and training activity towards the younger generations is one of our main objectives, we firmly believe that only through study and application can every girl or boy consciously find their own way in the world of work and civil society. This is why our business is aimed at younger people, trying to use appropriate methods and tools, starting from middle school. However, we also use unconventional approaches, such as training in the performing arts, to bring as many young people as possible to the study of our history and the critical analysis of sources. , thanks to the undergraduates and undergraduates of our universities it has been possible to grow a popular microcosm dedicated to the study of one of the greatest events in recent history that has crossed ours.

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