The “Italians” exhibition

New educational moment for Battipaglia school children, our association has organized an exhibition that intended to represent the scenario of Italy in the war and previous period. The exhibition was composed of two macro-sections, one dedicated to the journalism of the regime, starting also from those publications that can be considered anticipatory of the strong themes of the regime, that is the patriotic magazines from the end of the First World War that built the humus in which the nationalist sentiment fueled by the fascist party developed. This section was built thanks to the availability of publications granted by Dr. Enrico Messina, private collector.

The second area, in contrast, was the exhibition “The Shoah in Italy”, the result of the study of the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation (CDEC – with which our association collaborates thanks to the partner regesta.exe. The CDEC participates in the international EHRI project and can be considered the main research center on the Holocaust in Italy. The 38 panels of the exhibition told viewers the Italian reality from the racial persecutions of the 38 to the roundups.

Prof. Giuseppe Fresolone of the University of Salerno, as well as scientific director of the MOA, Museum of Avalanche of Eboli, and Dr. Di Donato of the State Archives of Salerno were present and the delegation of students of the Coll├Ęge Diderot of Tourlaville was present in Normandy.

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